Gridania Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 2 in FFXIV

Gridania Main Scenario Quests

For today’s article, we’ll walk you through the second part of the main scenario quests in Gridania, the starting location of Archers, Lancers, and Conjurers on your Final Fantasy XIV account. Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, the weapons and armor you can buy, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Gridania.

Gridania Main Scenario Quests

Eggs over Queasy Quest for your Final Fantasy XIV Account

Following the events of the previous quest, Chasing Shadows, talk to Galfrid in the Central Shroud to start the Eggs over Queasy quest. Galfrid will ask you to collect chigoe eggs. You can obtain these chigoe eggs from the chigoes found within the vicinity of the Bannock, just to the east of Galfrid. Chigoes are known carriers of the Creeping Death, a fatal illness to its Hyuran victims. Kill eight chigoes, then take the egg sacs to Monranguin at Gilbert’s Spire, north of the chigoe hunting grounds. This quest will reward you with 151 Gil and 975 EXP.

An Eft for Effort Quest for your FFXIV Account

This quest is actually unlocked earlier while you are doing Eggs over Queasy. Talk to Galfrid to prompt the quest. The Bannock’s latest group of recruits lack both courage and discipline, so Galfrid will entrust to you with the task to boost their morale. Demonstrate your skill at arms by killing 4 Black Efts. After doing so, return to Galfrid at the Bannock. This quest will reward you with 115 Gil and 1, 120 EXP. Additionally, you may choose one from four of the following items: Bronze Spear, Maple Longbow, Whispering Maple Wand, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Surveying the Damage Quest for your Final Fantasy 14 Account

Speak with Monranguin to accept this quest on your FFXIV account. Head south to the cave in Jadeite Thick as he will ask you to recover a set of Survey Records, a Surveyor’s Rope, and two boxes of Surveyor’s Instruments from the cave. After retrieving the items, hand them to Pauline in Gabineaux’s Bower to complete the quest. Completing this will reward you with 179 Gil and 1, 275 EXP. Additionally, you may choose from one of three of the following items: Hempen Kecks, Hempen Gaskins, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

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