Gridania Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 4 in FFXIV

Gridania Main Scenario Quests

Today we’ll guide you through the fourth part of the main scenario quests in Gridania on your FFXIV account! Gridania is the starting location of Archers, Lancers, and Conjurers in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, equipment you can buy for your archers, lancers, and conjurers, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Gridania. Part 4 of Gridania Main Scenario Quests, coming up.

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On to Bentbranch Quest for your FFXIV Account

This quest is a breeze! Just talk to Miounne to prompt the quest after doing Spirithold Broken. She wants you to go to the meadows to help out with various chores around the ranch. Simply make your way to Bentbranch and then speak with Keitha, the head wrangler. Doing so will earn you 1,710 XP, Water Shard, and one of the three options: Hempen Trousers, Amateur’s Breechers, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Feeding Time Quest for your FFXIV Account

Keitha needs you to help feed the chocobos on your Final Fantasy 14 account. She will ask you to gather some broad-leaf gysahl greens from the field. Once you have gathered enough, work your way around Bentbranch Meadows and replenish each of the chocobos’ feeding troughs. Return to Keitha once you have completed the task so that you can claim your reward of 1,710 XP and one of the three options: Leather Jackboots, Amateur’s Duckbills, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Don’t Look Down Quest for your FFXIV Account

Talk to Osha Jaab and accept the quest. She wants you to remove 4 blue trumpet mushrooms from the heavenspillar root located in the Matron’s Lethe. Once you have accomplished this, report to Theodore at the upper landing in the Matron’s Lethe. This will grant you 2,100 XP and 191 Gil on your Final Fantasy XIV account.

In the Grim Darkness of the Forest Quest for your FFXIV Account

You will need to speak with Theodore to accept the quest. He will then have you talk to Roseline at the Matron’s Lethe. Afterwards, head north and interact with the Worn Leather Bag near the growing fireplace to pick it up. Simply return to Roseline to hand her the leather bag to finish the task, earning you 2,100 XP and one of the three options: Hard Leather Hunting Belt, Hard Leather Satchel Belt, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

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