Gridania Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 6 in FFXIV

Gridania Main Scenario Quests

Here’s a guide through the sixth part of the main scenario quests in Gridania! Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, equipment you can buy for your archers, lancers, and conjurers with FFXIV Gil, as well as the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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 A Hearer is Often Late Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Shortly after the events of Skeletons in my Deepcroft, talk to Lothaire to accept the next quest. He will ask you to head south to the Hedgetree in Central Shroud, where you will then speak with Hearer Leonnie, who is communing with the elemetals. After the dialogue, inform Armelle at the Mirror Planks of the delay to the conjurer’s plans to complete this short quest and receive your reward of 3,080 XP, 200 Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and one of the four optional items: Bronze Gauntlets, Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves, Hard Leather Lightmitts, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Lights Out Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Talk to Armelle and accept the Lights Out quest. You can stack up on a few items when you buy FFXIV Gil before continuing on to Lilystone. Once there, use the Smoldering Coal on the destination to draw out the flame-seeking marshlights. You need to kill the 3 marshlights that will spawn. Return to Armelle to complete the quest. Receive your reward of 3,080 XP, and one of the four optional items: Bronze Plate Belt, Cotton Longsash, Hard Leather Lightpouch, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Salvaging the Scene Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

The next quest might, depending on your current level and how you’ve been leveling your character so far, require a better set of items. You’ve probably looted some already; if not, you can purchase what you might need with cheap FFXIV Gil. Anyway, talk to Armelle again to prompt this quest. She will ask you to retrieve a cargo from a wagon that was attacked by a denizen of the forest. Go to the site of the incident and salvage whatever items you can find. Interacting with the two boxes of fallen cargo will trigger an instance wherein you have to slay a Lumber Toad. You only have to be careful of its draw-in and area of effect attacks. Just dodge and deal consistent damage until you defeat it. Head north afterwards to Bentbranch Meadows to hand the fallen cargo to Keitha. By completing this quest, you will be rewarded with 3,080 XP, and one of the four optional items: Bronze Celata, Hard Leather Eyepatch, Ether, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

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