Gridania Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 7 in FFXIV

Gridania Main Scenario Quests

Here’s a guide through the seventh part of the main scenario quests in Gridania! Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, equipment you can buy for your archers, lancers, and conjurers with FFXIV Gil, as well as the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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Leia’s Legacy Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Shortly after doing the Salvaging the Scene quest, Luquelot at Bentbranch Meadows will ask for your help in retrieving a lost chocobo egg. Speak with him to begin Leia’s Legacy. After speaking with him, you will need to investigate the people of Bentbranch Meadows; talk to Ewmond, Leodaire, and Bernard in the vicinity. Once finished, return to Luquelot and inform him of your findings—the thief is a man from Luquelot’s homeland of Ishgard. By this time, you should have decent armor and weapons; if not, you can purchase good ones from other players with cheap FFXIV Gil. Follow the thief’s trail south of the area to the Tam Tara Deepcroft and talk to Kuplu Kopo before entering the instance. Here, you will fight Janremi Blackheart and two Hedge Knights. This could prove to be a challenging fight, but you have Kuplu Kopo to assist and heal you, so carefully dodge as many attacks as you can while dealing consistent damage. Dispatch of the Hedge Knights first before engaging Janremi Blackheart. After the fight, retrieve the egg and talk to Kuplu Kopo. Head back to Bentbranch Meadows and give Leia’s Egg to Luquelot to conclude this quest, earning you a reward of 3,220 XP, Antidote, and one of the four optional items: Bronze Cuirass, Cotton Shirt, Cotton Cowl, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Dread is in the Air Quest for Final Fantasy XIV Gil Hunters

Talk to Luquelot to prompt the next quest. He simply wants you deliver a letter to Miounne about Ixali dirigibles that have been crossing the borders seemingly at will. After handing the letter to Miounne, prepare yourself for the next mission as it will be of grave import. This quest will reward you with 3,220 XP and one of the four optional items: Padded Hempen Boots, Cotton Sarouel, Cotton Tights, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

To Guard a Guardian Quest for your FFXIV Gil Hunter Account

It’s recommended you prepare for this quest before heading on. Stack up on items and upgrade your current equipment when you buy FFXIV Gil. If you’re ready, talk to Miounne to accept the next quest, To Guard a Guardian. She will tell you that the Guardian Tree may fall under Ixali attack, and that you have a letter to deliver to Bowlord Lewin at the Seat of the First Bow in Quiver’s Hold. Afterwards, head to the Everschade, or the Guardian Tree, to enter the instance. You will see that a large Ixali force has amassed at the Guardian Tree. The fight begins against a wave of Ixali, with Miraudont taking the right side, a Wood Wailer and Gods Quiver taking the left, and Galfrid facing off against Quzal in the center. Ignore the soldiers to the left because the fight will only become more difficult if you focus on keeping them alive as they could die; Galfrid and Miraudont can handle themselves with the latter healing them both. Anyway, the second wave will spawn after defeating the first. Once you’ve cleared the second wave, a Blanga will be summoned. Simply focus on the boss to finish the fight faster. For the second phase of the fight, you’ll face off against the Lesser Gargoyle and the Masked Mage. Don’t attack the mage just yet and just focus on the gargoyle. At low health, Yda and Papalymo will join your party, proving an immense help against the Masked Mage. After repelling the Ixal successfully, make your way back to the Seat of the First Bow where Bowlord Lewin and the Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna awaits. This quest will reward you with 3,220 XP and a Gridanian Ring.

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