Guide to Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 2

With the first tunr of the Final Coil of Bahamut done, we can now move on to the second raid in the series. Today we will show new and pro FFXIV account holders how to handle Turn 2 of the Final Coil of Bahamut in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Be warned, like most of the raid in the coil series, Kaliya is quite a challenge to defeat.


AoEs Everywhere! The Coil of Bahamut’s Specialty!

In the first phase of the fight, Final Fantasy XIV Account holders will need to be wary of Kaliya’s AoE attacks. Aside from her normal attacks being cleaves, she also uses the skill Resonate which deals moderate damage to units in a cone in front of her. Note however that the damage is split between all the units hit. As such, it is advisable that your tank and off-tank be in the cone to reduce the damage each one takes.

Another skill the boss uses in the first phase of the fight is Nerve Gas. This is cast three at a time, with each cast affecting a different side of the boss. Although the order is randomly determined, she blasts in front of her, to her left side, and her right side. The attack deals considerable damage so make sure to move to safety. Most important of all, it applies stacks of Vulnerability Up which will cause targets to take more damage.

Managing seeds

Still in the first phase of the fight, Kaliya will periodically use Seed of the Seas and Seed of the Rivers. The first marks a Final Fantasy 14 account holder and after a few seconds will deal AoE damage centered around them. The damage is split across all characters in the area of effect. On the other Seed of the Rivers, will target two non-tank characters and deal AoE damage to them. Make sure to stack up Seed of the Seas while spreading out for Seed of the Rivers.

Head handling

During the first phase, the boss will also use Secondary Head. This skill deals heavy damage to the current tank and places a debuff on them. Afterwards, Kaliya will switch to her primary head. If the debuffed tank is hit by the primary head’s attack they will die instantly. To counter this, have your off-tank provoke the boss while Secondary Head is being cast. Once the debuff has been placed, the main should get boss agro again.

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