Cosmetics R Us: A Guide to Hidden Cosmetic Rewards

Good Quests

Dances, materia, crafting, and a whole slew of quests that award cosmetic stuff are hiding right under your nose. Below is a complete list of these quests and their respective cosmetic rewards!

Good Quests

Dance action quests

All quests require level 14 and having finished the last level 14 MSQ, which varies depending on your starting city.

Quest Name Quest Giver Location Remarks
Saw That One Coming Eral New Gridania Unlocks the /harvestdance.
Good for What Ales You Dodozan Lower Decks Unlocks the /stepdance.
Help Me, Lord of the Dance P’molminn Steps of Nald Unlocks the /balldance.

The /mandervilledance is unlocked through the Hildibrand quest series.

Materia / crafting system unlocks

All Materia-related unlocks are done in the are around The Bonfire, in the northern part of Central Thanalan. The MSQLife, Materia and Everything helpfully takes the player to The Bonfire, but unhelpfully doesn’t unlock the quests until it is completed. Unlocks that require a crafting or gathering class to be at a specific level are marked with “DoH” or “DoL”.

Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks
Forging the Spirit 19 Swynbroes The Bonfire Unlocks the Convert action, to convert 100% spiritbond white and pink items into Materia.
Waking the Spirit DoH 19 F’hobhas The Bonfire Unlocks the Materia Meld action, to insert materia into gear with materia sockets..
Marvelously Mutable Materia 19 Kokosamu The Bonfire Unlocks Materia gambling with Mutamix. Give him 5 materia to receive a semi-random materia back.
Melding Materia Muchly DoH 30 Mutamix Bubblypots The Bonfire Unlocks the Advanced Materia Melding, making it possible to insert more materia than an item has slots for, up to 5. Items must have at least one slot.
Gone to Pieces DoH 30 Syntgoht Steps of Thal Unlocks the Desynthesis system, which has its own separate leveling system.
Submission Impossible DoH 50 Wiscard Revenant’s Toll Unlocks the merchant that sells Glamour Prism recipes, needed in order to make prisms for the Glamour system.
Just Tooling Around DoH or DoL 50 Guiding Star Revenant’s Toll Unlocks the means to get better quality level 50 crafter and gatherer gear; likely outdated with 3.0.


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