[GUIDE] Understanding Item Synthesis in FFXIV More

Item Synthesis

The Item Synthesis system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is like a mini-game. A mini-game that can earn you lots of FFXIV gil for your Final Fantasy 14 account. Knowing how to properly synthesize FFXIV items through this system is a must.

Item Synthesis

Stats to note for in Item Synthesis

Once you have picked an item to synthesize in the Crafting log, the Item Synthesis window will pop up. Here you can see the Durability of the craft that indicates how many steps you can take before the synthesis fails. Every time a crafting action changes progress or quality, durability drops by 10. Progress determines if the item has been crafted or not. Finally quality determines if the item will be of high quality that can be sold for more FFXIV Gil.

Crafting skills and FFXIV Gil

While crafting, characters on a FFXIV account will have their MP bar replaced with a CP bar. These Crafting points are used for Crafting Actions. These actions vary depending on the crafting profession but will generally affect the stats during synthesis. Players will have to use the actions to increase the progress and quality bars, while making sure they don’t run out of Durability. The CP bar is replenished when the synthesis is completed for no FFXIV Gil cost.

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