High Population Isn’t Necessarily Good

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Massive and multiplayer in massive multiplayer online role playing games – yes, we love MMORPG’s because we can play with thousands, even millions, of people all over the world in the comforts of our home. We love to play a good game and playing it with someone makes it a whole lot better. We want a high population for our MMOs.

Imagine if MMORPG didn’t exist. Okay, stop. I won’t give you that nightmare because we already are experiencing a dream in the existence of MMORPG.

FFXIV Account: The Good Thing in Playing in a High Populated Server

I personally love to play in a high populated server like the FFXIV Server I am playing in now. This gives me a chance to interact with people from different countries. Yup, many player = many chances. Another good thing is that when I queue in the duty finder, when there are more players playing the game, the faster the queue pop is. Not only in duty finder. If there are many active players present at a certain time, it is easier to call for help like let’s say for a certain FATE or an event. But the biggest deal for me really is the chance of meeting new people from different countries.


The Bad Thing about Playing in a High Populate Server

Well, if you play Final Fantasy XIV alone like me and just joined a random free company, chances are, you won’t be included in their top raiding group. Yeah, most probably the ones who established that free company form the primary raid team and since the free company has lots of members, the tendency of the other players not included in the raid team is “meh, let them form their own raid team” or “I’ll just join a better free company”. So yeah, not a good thing to experience.

Another is when you are farming or leveling your crafting. The more people in the server, the more chances of you having a hard time getting nodes for yourself. I experienced a good one hour of roaming around the spawn points of nodes to level my gathering and I couldn’t find one. I was so frustrated that I wanted to post “FFXIV Account for sale”. Yeah the flowing frustration almost made me sell my account and quit.

Last but not the least, the chances of bumping into toxic people. The level of toxicity is rising in MMORPG’s, not only FFXIV. So if ever you’re avoiding the toxic world, stay out of a high populated server.

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