Hunting the Ultimate Beings – Primals – for Ultimate Rewards

The Navel

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn stays true to the original RPGs by including old time favorites like Bahamut, Odin and other Primals.  This time however, players will have to face them as opponents on their FFXIV account instead of allies. Get ready to spend FFXIV Gil for these incredible battles.



FFXIV Gil Hunter, meet the gods, Primals

The once friendly beings players can summon in old Final Fantasy games are in Eorzea as Beast Tribe gods. Unlike before they are now hostile and can be thought of as Dungeon and Raid bosses. Players will have their first Primal encounter at the end of the Amal’jaa quest line. They will have to face Ifrit for quest completion, experience and of course, FFXIV Gil.

When gods fall, FFXIV Gil rains down

Players will need to hunt down Primals for various reasons. This can include quests, or simply for FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil rewards. Of course, these bosses will also yield experience points so that’s another reason to hunt them. Players have to be careful though as these monster are by no means easy to kill. Partying is not just recommended, it’s a must. Happy hunting!

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