Is It Too Late to Start FFXIV

Is It Too Late

With Final Fantasy XIV currently on its 6th year since 2010, any interested non-FFXIV player would like to ask, “is it too late to start playing Final Fantasy XIV?” Will one still be able to catch-up to a “launch” player?

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An interested Beluah from Reddit is thinking of playing Final Fantasy XIV along with his partner. Here’s the original post:

“Basically – me & my partner have recently become parents, we haven’t had a chance to sit down and get into a game for quite some time, and we always liked the idea of playing FFXIV, is it too late to start playing now? And is EU dead like most old/er MMO’s?

Edit: People crying because I have a son & I still wish to play games, my son has a strict routine, which in order to keep sanity any parent will adhere to, so what am I supposed to do when he goes to bed? Twiddle my thumbs till I decide to go to sleep then wake up at 5am for work and repeat? I work 11 hour days, spend time with my son before he goes to bed, then like to have time for myself, future comments regarding being a parent will be ignored. :P”

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Kind of some people to encourage them to play even though the game is almost six years old now. One gave a quick “what to do” once starting Final Fantasy XIV. MiniPrinny recommended to Beluah to start by using the latest race immediately level at least one job up to level 50. MiniPrinny even provided a link to a starter’s guide to easily get through the early stages of FFXIV.

Not surprising, the original post of Beluah received many anonymous downvotes. Maybe we can assume that they came from non-FFXIV players who just want to ruin all the fun or they were former FFXIV players who didn’t like the game for whatever reason.

Goodluck to Beluah and partner in their magical journey to the world of Final Fantasy XIV!

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