Leveling and Gearing in 2.4 Guide in FFXIV P2

Leveling and Gearing in 2.4

With 2.4 out, more and more new players and returning players are asking about how to gear in the new soldiery / poetics environment. With the hunting and Tomestones changes, the gearing environment has definitely changed significantly, hence a need for a new guide to leveling and gearing. Leveling and Gearing in 2.4, read on.

ffxiv account leveling guide p2 2.4

2.4 | A. Level 30 for FFXIV Account Holders

At Level 30, you’ll want to finish up your class quests, story quests up to “Sylph Management”, and pick up your job on your Final Fantasy 14 account! You’ll need to be at Level 15 in another job-specific class to unlock the job of your choice, but the starting job quest will be near your class’ guild, and will tell you the other class. You can also look it up.

2.4 | B. Level 30 for FFXIV Account Holders

You may want to look at purchasing accessories for your Final Fantasy XIV account, the first good ones are around Level 28 – 29, and can be bought for decent FFXIV Gil on the market board, or as occasional quest rewards for FFXIV account holders. The end result can push your stats up around 10-15% at this point, so it’s better to not neglect these.

You’ll want to run your job quests every five levels until Level 45 – 50, where you’ll get your first ‘end game’ armor. Job quests also give an ability every five levels, so it’s best not to skip these. Experience points can be a little sparse after Level 30, particularly from 45-50, so dungeons, FATEs, leftover quests, and leves can speed up the last bit to 50.

2.4 | A. Level 50 for FFXIV Account Holders

Once you’ve hit Level 50 on your FFXIV account, clear out the last of your storyline missions you may have left, and get your final abilities from your job quest. After you have your first 50, you can also continue with your other classes, leveling them as well. Any lower level classes will level with a +50% Armory bonus to XP from most non-quest sources! There’s no reason not to do it all in FF XIV: ARR, if you want to!

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