Leveling and Gearing in 2.4 Guide in FFXIV

Leveling and Gearing

With 2.4 out, more and more new players and returning players are asking about how to gear in the new soldiery / poetics environment. With the hunting and Tomestones changes, the gearing environment has definitely changed significantly, hence a need for a new guide to leveling and gearing. Read more below, FFXIV Gil hunters!

Leveling and Gearing

2.4 | Starting the Game for FFXIV Gil Hunters

As with most MMORPGs, the first step is picking a class that you think you’d like! If you’re leveling with a friend, be aware that you won’t be able to join up with the other cities easily (without running through high-level areas) until you are at Level 15 and / or above, so you could also start with one of your job-requirement classes, if you wanted to level together, and switch over at 15.

Once you’re at Level 15 and have access to all the classes, you can try every class you are interested in to around Level 15. The only classes that drastically change from 15 to 50 is THM (at 40) and ACN->SCH (at SCH, 30). While in Limsa Lominsa, don’t forget to pick up your challenge log, a wonderful source of weekly-resetting XP and Final Fantasy XIV Gil bonuses along the way. There’s no reason not to try them all out, but you may want to wait a couple levels.

2.4 | A. Level 20 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Around Level 20, you can already have a Chocobo license, which makes traveling faster and more convenient. It unlocks after you have your Grand Company selected, and it’s a purchasable item from the Quartermaster when you buy FFXIV Gil.

Once you’re Level 20 and have finally decided on your class, it’s time to level! Leveling your first class / job is primarily done through quests and story dungeons, which tend to be pretty fun and rewarding, not only with more than just cheap FFXIV Gil, but also with XP.

2.4 | B. Level 20 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

If you run short on experience, you can find the Halatali (20) dungeon, Sunken Temple of Qarn (35), and Cutter’s Cry (38) to help move you along, or supplement with FATEs. You can level other classes at this point behind your first with a 50% bonus, however we recommend most story quests and ‘side quests’ focus on your primary combat class. Leves, FATEs, and dungeon leveling for off-classes is fine along the way though as the game’s quest system isn’t regenerative per class – save for Guildhest first bonuses – and since your primary class levels a tad bit slower, it’s in more need of any bonus XP you can get!

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