Leveling Guides Continued

Guides Continuation

We continue on to take a look on how newcomer players to Final Fantasy XIV can distinguish which things they should do. The flow of Gil will be a lot smoother as well with the newcomers refer to this dungeon list and will make life easier when it comes to having in-game currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Primarily, however, this is a quick reference guide to faster leveling via questing.

Guides Continuation

Leveling Guide Continued

The following is the instanced dungeon unlocks on max level (50). All of the quests will be available once you reach 50 and only after completing the final quest of Patch 2.0 except for Trauma Queen which is available at level 47. Though it is available at an earlier level, level 50 players can enter.

Quest Name Item Level Quest Giver Location Unlocked ID
Trauma Queen i45, i55 Allene Vesper Bay Wanderer’s Palace
Ghosts of Amdapor i45, i55 Nedrick Ironheart Vesper Bay Amdapor Keep
Sirius Business i48, i60 Diamanda Aleport Pharos Sirius
Maniac Manor i48, i60 Lauriane Revenant’s Toll Haukke Manor (Hard)
Out of Sight, Out of Mine i48, i60 Hugubert Revenant’s Toll Copperbell Mines (Hard)
One Night in Amdapor i55, i70 E-Sumi-Yan Old Gridania Lost City of Amdapor
This Time’s for Fun i55, i70 Hugubert Revenant’s Toll Halatali (Hard)
Curds and Slay i55, i70 Bloezoeng Revenant’s Toll Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard)
King of the Hull i70, i80 Bloezoeng Revenant’s Toll Hullbreaker’s Isle
Corpse Groom i70, i80 Paiyo Reiyo Steps of Nald Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)
Blood for Stone i70, i80 Faillicie Revenant’s Toll Stone Vigil (Hard)
It’s Definitely Pirates i80, i90 Bloezoeng Revenant’s Toll Sastasha (Hard)
The Wrath of Qarn i80, i90 Hugubert Revenant’s Toll Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
Not Easy Being Green i90, i100 Bloezoeng Revenant’s Toll Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
For Keep’s Sake i90, i100 Lauriane Revenant’s Toll Amdapor Keep (Hard)


Be guided with this table once you reach level 50 so that you can easily progress through the expansion and upgrade your item level accordingly. This will make it easier. Gil comes as a reward as well so don’t worry if you are focusing much on doing the table.

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