Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 2 in FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

We’re back again for another walkthrough! Today, we’ll be discussing the second part of the main scenario quests in  buy Depakote cheap Limsa Lominsa, the starting location of source url Arcanists and  Marauders in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, the weapons and armor you can purchase when you buy FFXIV Gil, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa.

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Dressed to Call Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Following the dialogue from the previous quest when you first came to Summerford Farms, Staelwyrn, doubtful of your capabilities, wishes to inspect your equipment in order to gauge your readiness for the tasks he has in mind. You will need to assemble a respectable set of equipment to pass his standards. Equip your head, body, hands, legs, and feet with Level 5 gear or above, which you may already possess by this time, or if not, you can purchase them with cheap FFXIV Gil. After you’ve been fully equipped, return to Staelwyrn to present yourself for inspection, thus completing this quest and earning your reward of 560 XP, 161 Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and one of the three optional items: Bronze War Axe, Leather Grimoire, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Lurkers in the Grotto Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

According to Staelwyrn, a gang of vicious-looking men with blue-tattooed faces have been eyeing the workers on the farm. Unsettled by this, the farmhands believe that these men are the rumored kidnappers. The result of this terror has affected their productivity, which is why Staelwyrn wants you to investigate the Seasong Grotto, the thugs’ hideout. Before heading out towards the location, you might want to stack up on items with FFXIV Gil as there will be a fight. Once ready, follow the marker until you reach the Stone Monument and enter the instance. A cutscene will play, and you will have to fight the Frenzied Mossback, who will be joined mid-fight by four Bogy and two Frenzied Goobbue. There will be another cutscene here; afterwards, report back to Staelwyrn and hand him the Blunt Sailor’s Knife to complete the quest, and claim your reward of 560 XP, 128 Final Fantasy XIV Gil, Eye Drops, and one of the two optional items: Potion and Ether.

Further Afield Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Gurcant needs help with some meddlesome Mandragoras as he’s too tenderhearted to root them out himself. Head to Summerford Farms and kill 5 Tiny Mandragora. After you’ve done the task, return to Gurcant to inform him that the fields are now ripe for tillage to conclude the quest. Overjoyed with your good news, he will reward you 975 XP and 135 Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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