Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 3 in FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

Here’s the continuation of the guide! Today, we’ll be discussing the third part of the main scenario quests in  source link Limsa Lominsa, the starting location of  Arcanists and  get link Marauders in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Find out more about the main scenario quests you have to complete, the weapons and armor you can purchase on your Final Fantasy XIV account, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa.

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

Washed Up Quest on your FFXIV Account

Staelwyrn needs your help in locating his pirates-turned-yeomen who have seemingly slacked-off. Speak with him to commence the quest. Five of his yeomen can be found somewhere in Summerford Farms and shouldn’t be hard to find. Talk to Sevrin, Aylmer, Eyrimhus, Sozai Rarzai, and Wauter. After doing so, report back to Staelwyrn to finish Washed Up on your Final Fantasy 14 account.

Double Dealing Quest on your FFXIV Account

For the next quest, talk to Staelwyrn. He wants you to pursue Sevrin, one of the yeomen, who has made off with a burlap sack of oranges with the intention of fencing it to goblins. Head south from where you are until you find Sevrin. You will find out that things have gotten sour between Sevrin and the goblins, which is why he needs you to help his three henchmen. Go easy and there you will encounter two Level 5 Goblin Muggers, which should not pose much of a threat. Interact with the three henchmen: Aylmer, Eyrimhus, and Sozai Rarzai. Then, speak with Sevrin and interact with the Sack of Oranges. After doing so, return south to hand the sack to Ossine. Return to Staelwyrn and hand over the Sack of Gil in return to complete the quest.

Loam Maintenance Quest on your FFXIV Account

Seek Rhotwyda in the orchard to find out more about the special soil called blackloam. She will tell you that she knows where blackloam can be found, however she refuses to do the dirty work, thereby entrusting you with the task to do so. Go to the lair of aurochs known as the Cookpot to gather three bushels of blackloam. Once you have obtained the required quantity of blackloam, deliver it to Pferewahl at Tiller’s Rest in order to conclude Loam Maintenance on your Final Fantasy XIV account.

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