Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 6 in FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

After retrieving Lyulf’s deceased father’s treasure in Farmer of Fortune, we are now onto the sixth part of the guide for Arcanists and Marauders starting in Limsa Lominsa. Find out more about these quests, the weapons and armor you can purchase when you buy FFXIV Gil, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa in the article below.

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Relighting the Torch for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Talk to Fraeloef to prompt this quest on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The lighthouse beam has grown dangerously dim, he says. Afraid that this might cause ships on the water into unseen hazards, Fraeloef requests that you visit the Brewer’s Beacon to check up on Khanswys, the lighthouse keeper. After you have talked to him, head north and locate the scarecrow in the middle of the dodo nesting grounds known as ‘the Flock’, and set the iron brazier down on the ground nearby. Here you will have to fight against the Torchlight, a bomb type of monster that belches out flames as soon as you engage it. Upon defeating the monster, return to Khanswys and trade him the Bomb Claw. Return to Swiftperch and speak with Fraeloef to report to him of the incidents, before continuing on to the Naldiq & Vymelli’s to speak with H’naanza and complete the quest. You will be rewarded with 2,100 XP and one of the three optional items: Hard Leather Caligae, Hard Leather Sandals, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

On to the Drydocks for FFXIV Gil Hunters

The Forgemaster, H’naanza, wants you to help with the workload over at the Moraby Drydocks, as her company is struggling to complete construction of a massive warship and is short on artisans. Your first task is to head to Moraby Drydocks to hand the Naldiq & Vymelli Missive to Ahtbyrm and complete the quest, earning you a reward of 2,100 XP, 188 Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and one of the three items: Hard Leather Subligar, Striped Cotton Slops, and Allagan Bronze Piece.

Without a Doubt for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Ahtbyrm is looking for a member of his crew and the items he was supposed to deliver. Take the road leading west from the Moraby Drydocks to Candlekeep Quay and probe Haldbroda about the whereabouts of Fyrilsmyd, making sure to express your doubt of his honesty. The quest will reward you with 2,625 XP and 196 cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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