Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 7 in FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

After doing the quest Without a Doubt on your Final Fantasy 14 account, it’s time for the next set of quests available to your Arcanists and Marauders starting in Limsa Lominsa. Find out more about these quests, the weapons and armor you can purchase with FFXIV Gil, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa in this seventh part of the guide.

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Righting the Shipwright on your FFXIV Account

Speak with Haldbroda to begin the Final Fantasy 14 quest. According to him, there still may be survivors from the recent accident washed up on the Salt Strand, and one of them may even be the missing shipwright, Fyrilsmyd. Head to The Gods’ Grip, just outside the Salt Strand, and talk to Fyrilsmyd. He will tell you that he cannot return to the Moraby Drydocks without first collecting the three pieces of cargo he was originally sent to collect; however, the cargo is now guarded by deadly Qiqirn beachcombers. Enter The Salt Strand and interact with the Brass Helm Wheel, Folded Sailcloth, and Tangled Rigging to engage the Qiqirn Beachcombers each time. Return to Fyrilsmyd and give him the cargo, before heading to the Moraby Drydocks to speak with Ahtbyrm and complete the quest.

Do Angry Pirates Dream on your FFXIV Account

Ghimthota, the head of the Moraby Drydocks watch, has asked Victory foreman Ahtbyrm to recommend an adventurer to assist the watch in learning more about a band of suspicious individuals who have recently made camp on the Gods’ Grip. Go to the aetheryte to accept the quest. Afterwards, go outside the south gate of the Moraby Drydocks to talk to C’nangho and find out more details on the exact location of the pirates’ camp. Follow the path east as the pirates were last seen near an ancient stone known as the mark of the Spinner. You will see the Disreputable Pirate; speak with him to probe about their plans. Report to Ghimthota again to conclude the quest.

Victory in Peril on your FFXIV Account

Talk to Ghimthota to accept the quest. He is convinced that a gang of pirates aims to sabotage the construction of the Victory. Speak with either Urswyst at the front gate or C’nangho at the rear gate to learn of any suspicious activity. After that, go to the top of the Drydocks near Empty Heart, and speak with the Shifty-eyed Sailor. Head back inside and report to Ghimthota to enter an instance on your Final Fantasy XIV account. You will face Silent Lackeys as you head towards the Victory. Once there, engage Ahtzapfyn the Absorbed for a cutscene. You will now fight him. Defeat him along with his Silent Lackeys with help from Ghimthota and C’nangho. Speak to Ahtbyrm, then Ghimthota, to complete the quest.

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