Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests Guide Part 9 in FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa Main Scenario Quests

We are now onto the final set of quests available to do in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for Arcanists and Marauders starting in Limsa Lominsa! Find out more about the last three quests, the weapons and armor you can get when you buy FFXIV Gil, and the ideal farming spots in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa with this ninth part of the guide.

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The Mizzenmast Repast Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Following the High Society quest, speak with Baderon and let him know you are ready for the banquet. Equip the dress shoes and then head to the Bulwark Hall to talk with Zanthael. He will tell you all about the Warriors of Light, and afterwards you will find yourself in a room at the Drowning Wench, with no idea how you got there. Make your way to Bulwark Hall and request admission to the command room to report to the Admiral. Merlwyb has a special task for you. Speak to her again when you are ready to conclude the quest and claim your reward of 6,440 XP and 319 Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

The Lominsan Envoy Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

As Merlwyb’s personal envoy, she wants you deliver a missive to the other two leaders of the Eorzean Alliance. She will grant you an airship pass, which will allow you to travel by air between the three allied nations. Before making your way to the airship landing, be sure to ask Baderon about what awaits beyond the Strait of Merlthor. Before departing, finalize your preparations for the journey and gear up with cheap FFXIV Gil. Take the Crow’s Lift to the airship landing and speak with L’nophlo at the entrance lobby to begin the first part of your journey, which will take you to Gridania. Upon your arrival, seek audience with the Elder Seedseer. Talk to the Serpent honor guard to receive assistance. Now, head to Nophica’s Altar within Old Gridania and present the missive to the silent conjurer to be allowed inside, thus completing the first part of your quest. Head to the airship landing and speak with Lionnellais. For the second part of your quest, you will go to Ul’dah. Make your way to the landing area and await departure. Upon arrival in Ul’dah, seek audience with the Flame General. Speak with the Flame honor guard to receive assistance. Present Merlwyb’s missive to Bartholomew on the Hustings Strip to be admitted into the Royal Promenade. This completes the quest and grants you a reward of 6,720 XP, 286 Final Fantasy XIV Gil, Wind-Up Airship, and an achievement reward: Leaving Limsa Lominsa.

Call of the Sea Quest for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Baderon needs a capable adventurer. Speak with him in the Drowning Wench. Baderon will simply warn you of a considerable danger in the future. Receive a reward of 6,720 XP and 286 Final Fantasy Gil.

This marks the conclusion of the main scenario quests in Limsa Lominsa.

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