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Now that Heavensward is released, let us take a look back on what people think way back in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil: The Question

We are getting the opinions of people from Reddit posts 2 years ago with this question from onepityvote:

“Looking to get final fantasy xiv ARR. I have heard that it is much better than the previous final fantasy 14. Just looking to get some opinions on it.”

If we also look back, the vanilla Final Fantasy XIV was so bad that many people complained and Square had to pull back, reworked on the game thus the birth of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

FFXIV Gold: The Opinions

Here is one of the opinions of people from two years ago on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn:

From McDeely:

“Good points: Pretty good combat, nothing special, just traditional WoW style combat, but the animations are quite satisfying . You can level all the classes on a single character, you can switch between them just by changing your weapon, you can then bring over a few skills from one class to another. It has quite an in-depth profession system, you switch to the professions like you do with the combat classes and you can level them to 50. This means that once you reach a certain quest you can switch to a crafting/gathering class and never engage in combat again if you don’t want to. There are scenarios called Fates, which are like open world co-op quests, and you will always find lots of other people doing them, it is a good source of exp. The graphics are very nice, and the art style is really good if you’re into Japanese/Final Fantasy games. Pretty decent story for an MMO, better than WoW, but a little worse than SWTOR I would say, but if you like the FF universe, you will probably prefer this game.

Bad points: Very grindy. The levelling doesn’t seem very streamlined, you’ll find yourself grinding Fates a lot of the time. It also currently lacks PvP I believe.

Overall it is a very refined traditional MMO experience, and besides maybe the crafting/gathering system, it doesn’t really add anything new or innovative. If you are just looking for something to replace WoW, or to play until the release of MMOs like Wildstar, ESO, or EverQuest Next, then for the low initial price of ~£15, then it is worth trying it out.”

A Realm Reborn

PvP came out a little late in FFXIV:ARR and once it was released, players were disappointed as to it wasn’t that polished. There were many abuses and imbalances that deterred players in dealing with PvP. Nice good points shared by McDeely. There are many good points than bad coming from him which is good news. Let’s continue with more opinions on the next entry on this topic.

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