Looking Back on A Realm Reborn Experiences Pt. 2

Final Fantasy 14

Here is the continuation of what people thought about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn from two years ago in Reddit.

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From MrDiavolo:

“Definitely is. I would suggest that you also use the Libra app they just put out. I didn’t know I even had sidequests left and found many in places I didn’t think of looking. I have it on PS3, but will be upgrading to PS4 (free for PS4 users) when it comes out.

The only downsides are a.) gil is hard to come by once you’re level 50 b.) no matter what system you play on, there can be lag during the fates due to overpopulation of an instance.”


Yeah I remember that the fastest way to level was to wait for FATE’s and just spam them. With if not all, most of the population knew about it, we all just ran to every FATE and that cause major lag. It was super laggy that you can’t see other players. The game had a hard time rendering all the people present in those FATE’s. It was fun though. It was like all people teaming up to beat world boss type of feel every five minutes.

From patrickbrown3000:

“I picked up the game on a whim. I never saw any videos. I had asked a few people if they thought it was worth the pre order. They all said yes, so I went and bought it. As soon as the opening cinematic started I was in love. I have since bought 2 copies for my brothers. I have never felt that it has been too grindy. I played FFXI and thought that was much grindier. Bottom line is you should get the game.”

A Realm Reborn

Yeah, regardless of what was the reason, trying out FFXIV:ARR was never a bad idea. From graphics, to gameplay, to number of people playing (yeah it was a big deal for me because I played a dying MMORPG and population was a problem), story, etc. Everything was new to me and it was a refreshing feeling for playing the game. Oh, not to mention it was the first game that I played that can cross-platform which really excited me.

It was good looking back at these comments and thinking to myself, “I would’ve replied the same thing” about Final Fantasy XIV: ARR.

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