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So last time I left you guys with the terminologies going to be used in this guide in order for you to get through the game as quickly as possible. Here is the first part of the guide (Main Scenario Quests) to be able to get through A Realm Reborn easily.

Main Scenario Quests (MSQ)

A Realm Reborn

Quest Name Level Remarks
Close to Home 1 Available as soon as you finish the basic tutorial.
… 8~9 quests … Varies with starting city.
??? 9 Varies with your starting city, the last level 9 MSQ. Unlocks the Inn and the Leves of [Village] sidequests.
… 14~17 quests … Varies with starting city.
The [Your City-State]’s Envoy 15 Unlocks airship travel between city-states, as well as all boats. Also rewards the Wind-up Airship minion.
Call of the Sea 15 Only for players that did not start in Limsa Lominsa. All quests after this point are unified, regardless of your starting city.
It’s Probably Pirates 15 Unlocks the first ID, Sastasha.
… 1 quest …
Fire in the Gloom 16 Unlocks the ID Tam-Tara Deepcroft, completing it unlocks the Low-level roulette (daily bonus exp and gil).
… 1 quest …
Into a Copper Hell 17 Unlocks the ID Copperbell Mines.
??? 17 Unlocks the Retainer system, needed to sell things on the markets and store your excess stuff. Hire one by talking to a Retainer Vocate in any of the city-states’ markets.
… 7 quests …
Life, Materia and Everything 19 Required for the Forging the Spirit sidequest.
Lord of the Inferno 20 Unlocks the first Trial.
A Hero in the Making 20 Unlocks the Grand Company related systems after you pick any of them; which one doesn’t matter.
… 2 quests …
Sylph-management 20 Required to unlock all Job quests.
… 15 quests …
Into the Beast’s Maw 24 Unlocks the ID Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak.
… 25 quests …
Skeletons in Her Closet 28 Unlocks the ID Haukke Manor.
… 13 quests …
The Things We Do for Cheese 32 Unlocks the ID Brayflox’s Longstop.
… 7 quests …
It Was a Very Good Year 33 Rewards the Goobbue Sproutling minion.
… 3 quests …
Lord of Crags 34 Unlocks the second Trial.
… 29 quests …
In Pursuit of the Past 41 Unlocks the ID Stone Vigil and Beast Tribe dailies.
… 7 quests …
The Reluctant Researcher 42 Unlocks access to the previously inaccessible part of Western La Noscea.
… 6 quests …
Lady of the Vortex 44 Unlocks the third Trial.
… 16 quests …
Operation Archon 49 Unlocks the fourth Trial (the first 8-player instance).
… 5 quests …
Rock the Castrum 50 Unlocks the first 8-man ID.
??? 50 Unlocks the second 8-man ID, long cutscenes at the end.

All MSQ after 2.0 require level 50.


You are free to do things aside from these Main Scenario Quests on your way to level 50. I don’t know, maybe do some other stuff if you want more Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Just simply consult this table if you are going back to finish your MSQ’s.

More to come…


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