New Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons in Patch 2.2 – Update

Patch 2.4

Patch 2.2 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn reopens the gates to the Halatali Training Grounds. Additionally, the dungeon can now be accessed in hard mode provide more FFXIV items and FFVIX Gil. The Lost City of Amdapor will also be added for players to explore.

New Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon

Back to the training halls for fun and FFXIV Gil

Players wanting to take on the Halatali dungeon on hard need to have characters on their FFXIV account to be at least level 50 in a Disciple of War or Magic class. They also need to have completed the original dungeon. Up to four players can hunt FFXIV Gil in the dungeon for 90 minutes.

FFXIV Gil and item rewards for the brave

While there is no official word on what items await those who take on this dungeon, players can expect rewards of item level 55 or higher. FFXIV Gil will also be among the loot for this dungeon. For more information, check the official announcement.

New Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon

Spend the night in the lost city and get FFXIV Gil

Amdapor is a new dungeon set in a dead city. Only Disciples of War/Magic at level 50 on a FFXIV account can take the quest for the new area. Additionally, players need to finish the “The Ultimate Weapon” quest as a prerequisite. Up to a maximum of four players can hunt for FFXIV Gil in the dungeon for 90 minutes.

What FFXIV Gil rewards await brave explorers

The new Amdapor dungeon requires players to have gear at item level 55 or above. As such, players can expect that the FFXIV items found within will be at a much higher item level. FFXIV Gil will also be available from monster drops and rewards from quests related to the dungeon.

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