New Healer Option in FFXIV, Astrologian

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I was really excited when I was downloading the client for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I was thinking, “finally! I can heal in a Final Fantasy game!” Registered and all, I logged in the game and read up on how to max level a healer. Filled with excitement, I suddenly came into a halt when I realized that there were only two options if you want to be a healer in the game. My only choices were Scholar and White Mage. My enthusiasm all of a sudden became sadness. This was so because of all the MMORPG’s I played, I always made sure I max level all healers. Knowing I only have two options in healing, maxing both for me will only take a month tops. I disregarded this and still had fun in using both Scholar and White Mage but it didn’t take long for me to be burned out on them.

Final Fantasy XIV Account: Hooray

Good thing as I was about to take time away from Final Fantasy XIV because I was really getting sick of using either Scholar or White Mage (I only heal because I love to heal and I am the only one willing to heal among our small guild), Square announced they will be releasing another healer, Astrologian. Yeah baby! A new healer to master and new animations of healing. Usually I do, but I won’t be caring if all healer players switched to Astrologian. A new healer class in Final Fantasy XIV after two to three years? Not going to pass that up!


It is a good thing that Square released new classes. I didn’t take a break from Final Fantasy and I hate to do so because I really love the game. Now I can go White Mage, Scholar or Astrologian. That’s three choices which is rare for a young MMORPG. Time to play some more Final Fantasy XIV!

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