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FFXIV Guides

FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to The Wanderer’s Palace Dungeon (Part 1)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players have many dungeons to explore and gather Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV items from. The Wanderer’s Palace is one such dungeon and serves as a stepping stone between story dungeons and the endgame dungeons. FFXIV account holders can expect tough fights, but our guides will help you through them. Getting your FFXIV Gil hunter in The Wanderer’s Palace in Final Fantasy 14 is located in Upper La Noscea (x26, y22). Before the Calamity this Nymian palace was hidden under the Bronze Lake. When the waters where drained by the Calamity it was…

FFXIV Discussion

How to Complete and Get FFXIV Gil and Items from the Steel Reign FATE

FATEs are a good way to get FFXIV Gil and items for Final Fantasy XIV account holders who do not mind working with other FFXIV account holders. The Odin FATE officially known as Steel Reign, is one of the more challenging FATEs that most players want to take on, but have a hard time doing so. Hopefully, our guide will help you and your friends get a gold medal on it easier. Fighting Odin for FFXIV Gil Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters can find the Steel Reign FATE featuring Odin while exploring. This mounted warrior periodically roams East Shroud, Central…

End Game

FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to the Behemoth Boss FATE

One of the Boss Battle FATEs in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is Behemoth FATE. It is a challenging FATE and is actually two FATEs rolled into one encounter. Any FFXIV account holder who plans to attempt this FATE should know what’s ahead. Hopefully this guide will help Final Fantasy XIV account holders prepare for this gargantuan challenge. Facing the Behemoth for FFXIV Gil The Behemoth encounter is actually two FATEs rolled into one. The first is Behold Now Behemoth and the second is He Taketh It with His Eyes. FFXIV Gil hunters can think of them as phases….

FFXIV Discussion

Earning FFXIV Gil, Items and Experience through FATE

Fully Active Time Events, commonly called FATEs are dynamic interactive events FFXIV account holders can participate in, in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They function similar to a dungeon, but have none of the limitations. Doing FATE is also a fun way of obtaining Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV items. Basics your FFXIV Gil hunter should know Final Fantasy XIV account holders interested in FATEs need only look at their map to find them. Being dynamic content, FATEs do not appear at the whim can call of FFXIV Gil hunters. When they do appear, there will be a blue…

FFXIV Updates

Overview of New Trials in Patch 2.4 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Patch 2.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn adds more than just new dungeons and classes. It also adds three new Trials for FFXIV account holders to earn FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil in. Two of the said Trials feature the primal Shiva. After all, this is the Dreams of Ice content update. Facing Shiva for FFXIV Gil Dreams of Ice for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn adds The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard). This Trial pits Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters with average item level 80 or above against the primal Shiva. Final Fantasy XIV account holders need…

FFXIV Updates

New PvP Actions Added by Patch 2.4 for FFXIV Gil Hunters

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players who are into PvP get new actions in Patch 2.4. The update adds five new actions that can help turn the tide of battle. FFXIV account holders can support actions, as well as offensive ones. Check them out and get ready to kick butt on your Final Fantasy XIV account. Dealing damage for FFXIV Gil Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters can now use two new PvP actions to help damage opponents. The first of which is Overwhelm. This action deals an attack with a potency of 150. When enhanced, the cooldown of the…

FFXIV Updates

FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to Patch 2.4 Housing Changes

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players looking to have their own house can do so in Patch 2.4. The game will be adding subdivision that FFXIV account holders to purchase for their Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters. The patch also adds new food themed furnishings Final Fantasy XIV account holders can serve in their households. Suburban life for your FFXIV Gil hunter The new patch adds subdivions to the three residential districts of the game. Each subdivision contains 30 plots, specifically plots 31 to 60. FFXIV Gil hunters can access the new subdivisions through the Aethernet shards in each…

FFXIV Discussion

FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to the New and Stealthy Ninja Job Class

Previously we covered the new Rogue class. Now it is time to cover the new Job added by Patch 2.4 of Final Fantasy XIV:  A Realm Reborn. Known for being a shadowy force in the east, this class excels in stealth and its own brand of sorcery. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Ninja. Hunting FFXIV Gil from the shadows The new Ninja Job is considered a melee DPS job. FFXIV account holders who want their Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters to use this Job will need to have Rogue at level 30 and Pugulist at level 15. The Ninja advanced…

FFXIV Discussion

Stealth and FFXIV Gil – An Overview of the New Rogue Class

After several teasers about a new class, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s new Rogue class will go live with Patch 2.4. The new class will allow FFXIV account holders to gather Final Fantasy XIV Gil using stealth and melee attacks. Final Fantasy XIV account holders will also get to use different poisons to help take out foes with the Rogue. Stealth for FFXIV Gil New Rogue class will be accessible to players with Patch 2.4. It will be a melee DPS class and will dual-wield daggers, knives and similar FFXIV items. As teased in previous announcements, the Rogue will…