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Thrifty Travelling Guide for Final Fantasy XIV Gil Collectors

Getting around is always a concern in large games like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While the travel systems in the game uses a bit of Final Fantasy XIV Gil, it’s more convenient than those found in other games. Read on for more. Aetheryte Travel for the FFXIV Gil scrooge The first mode of travel you will encounter on your FFXIV account is the Aetheryte travel system. Each major city and most towns have a will haven Aetheryte crystal players can attune as their “Home.” Using the Return ability will then send the player to this crystal at no…

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Increase Your Versatility with Cross-Class Skills

Have you ever wanted to be a tank but still be able to use powerful bow attacks? Maybe you wanted to be a damage dealing mage that also has good healing spells? Well, in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you can do that with Cross-Class skills. Check for details below. Cross-class skill basics Part of the multi-class system of FFXIV: ARR is the ability for characters to share abilities between classes. This adds another degree of customizability and freedom to any FFXIV account. The moment you unlock your second class, you will gain access to this system. You start…

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The Armoury Chest – More Room for Items

One of the drawbacks of the multi-class system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the amount of items you will need to manage on your FFXIV account. Just imagine how many different pieces of equipment will have to be in your inventory so you can change classes on the fly. This can greatly reduce the amount items you can carry and sell for FFXIV Gil. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. Armoury is the amazing feature in FFXIV and read on for more info.   What is “The Armoury” The Armoury Chest is a feature in the…

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Overview of FFXIV Jobs and How These Contribute in the Game

If you thought having separate combat and profession classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was already a lot, then Specialized Classes might be overkill. Look on the bright side though, more shiny FFXIV Gil. This guide covers the advanced classes you can have on your FFXIV account. Read on for more information about FFXIV Jobs.   Unlocking specialized classes for easier FFXIV Gil Commonly referred to as “Jobs”, specialized classes are unlocked by completing quests at the Guildmaster of the specific class. These quests become available once you reached the minimum required levels of the classes related to…

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Leveling is Easier Because of Armoury Bonus

Final Fantay XIV: A Realm Reborn’s multi-class system can be very overwhelming once you think about how much experience you’ll need to acquire for all your classes. And that’s just for one character on a FFXIV account. Nevermind how much FFXIV Gil you’ll be needing. Thankfully, Square Enix put in a helping hand via the Armoury Bonus system. Check the rest of the article for details.   Too many classes, not enough experience. Nope, thanks to Armoury Bonus While FFXIV is revolutionary with the freedom it gives players with their classes, this freedom is not without consequence however. Each new…

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Getting to Know the Crafting Classes That Will Earn You FFXIV Gil

Almost all MMORPGs nowadays have some sort of crafting system. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has one too, but it is markedly different from the rest. This is because they are treated like a character class instead of an add-on set of skills, making it more ideal for FFXIV Gil collectors. If you just made your FFXIV account and need more information about FFXIV Crafting, then read on.   A class of its own – focused FFXIV Gil earnings The common implementation of crafting systems in other MMORPGs is to have them as extra skills. This means even though…

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All for One, One for All! – Guide to FFXIV Class Changing

A lot of MMORPGs these days use a binding class system. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn however goes against the flow and lets you use all class with just a single character on your FFXIV account. If you want to know more about the system of FFXIV class changing, read on. No need for when changing classes Unlike in most MMORPGs, a character class in FFXIV is not set in stone. Players are able to change classes quickly and easily by simply equipping the right FFXIV items. There is no need to go to an NPC, or pay a…

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FFXIV Class System Brief Discussion

When the first Final Fantasy MMO came out, it pioneered a unique realm system. Now with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the franchise again offers a new feature that most MMORPGs do not have: Non-binding Classes. If you want to use all the game’s classes via a single FFXIV account and know a little more about the FFXIV Class System then read on.   How the free class system works A lot of today’s MMORPGs make class selection part of character creation. This effectively binds your character to one class. Some games even go as far as making certain…

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Race Guide for FFXIV Gil Collectors

Previously we discussed the Hyur and the Elezan of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In this article we’ll cover the other three races available for your FFXIV account. We’ll look at ideal jobs for them to save on FFXIV Gil. Scroll down for more.   Praying for FFXIV Gil – The Lalafell This race of vertically challenged beings has higher Piety than the others. Dunesfolk have the highest, in addition to a high Mind statistic. Plainsfolk conversely are a bit lower in these statistics. They make up for it though with a high Dexterity. Unfortunately they’re pretty low in…