Pets! A Guide to FFXIV’s Minions


I do love cosmetic items in every MMORPG I play. I always try to get as many as possible. This is excluding the style per se of the character. What I’m talking about are the pets (which are known as minions in Final Fantasy XIV), the housing and the stuff that goes in there. Here are some quests you might want to do to get some.


Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location Remarks
Like Cats and Dogs 15 Skribyld Aleport Starts quest chain that gives the Coeurl Kitten and Wolf Pup minions.
No Guts, No Glory 22 Auphiliot South Shroud Sidequest required to unlock the next quest.
Occupational Hazards 22 Yoenne South Shroud Requires No Guts, No Glory. Rewards the Chigoe Larva minion.
Can’t Do It Without U 47 Arenvald Waking Sands Sidequest required to unlock the next quest. Requires having finished the last level 46 MSQ.
Zombies Are People Too 47 Hab Southern Thanalan Requires Can’t Do It Without U. Rewards the Cactuar Cutting minion.

The Hildibrand minion is unlocked through the Hildibrand quest series.

See also for a (mostly) complete table with all minions and how to obtain them.

Housing Areas

Quest Name Level Quest Giver Location
Where the Heart is (The Goblet) 5 Imme Western Thanalan
Where the Heart is (Mist) 5 Ahctkoen Lower La Noscea
Where the Heart is (Lavender Beds) 10 Margeria Central Shroud


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These cosmetic items and housing stuff are what makes the game more pleasing to the eyes, at least for me. Being away from the action (of raiding and dungeons), there is nothing much to do but look at your character and others’ character. So basically minions following characters are really eye catchers! So do these quest everyone!

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