[Primal Boss Guide] Hard Mode Titan in FFXIV P1

Hard Mode Titan

Time for another Primal Boss guide on Hard mode, FFXIV account holders! Today’s guide will cover Titan, the most difficult of the primal fights. If you thought Garuda was hard, think again.

ffxiv account titan hard

Hard Mode Titan – More Achievements, Items, and Rewards on your FFXIV Account

Titan is by a wide margin the most troublesome of the primal battles, and requests two things: everybody in the party paying attention, and minimal lag. Your primary need is maintaining a strategic distance from the “plumes” from Weight of the Land; these deal substantial harm on the off chance that they hit, so get well off the beaten path when they show up. Note that they show up under players’ feet, so fleeing from where different players were standing is generally the best method for getting away in time.

Phase 1: Facing off Against Titan on your FFXIV Account

Like the other Hard Mode Primals, you’ll have to defeat Titan to get your hands on your Relic weapon, and additionally, he drops decent endgame equipment for Final Fantasy 14 account holders to use in the meantime. This is a muddled experience with five stages, however the initial three are just step by step presenting new mechanics. Take a deep breath and get prepared for your hardest fight yet.

The first phase is straightforward, same as with the old Titan encounter. Dodge Titan’s Landslide ability when you see the cracked markings on the floor. At this stage, there is a rock wall around the arena that will prevent you falling off, but you should still avoid getting hit by it.

 Phase 1: Surviving on your FFXIV Account

After each Landslide, Titan will use Tumult up to twice in a row. This will damage everyone. Healers should start casting Succor or Medica II while Landslide is still going on so the regeneration effects are in place when Tumult shows up.

At around 90% health, Titan will leap into the air to use Geocrush. Notice the red marker around the outside of the arena as it indicates which area is going to break off – keep out of this at all times. Everyone stack on the tank, and healers should cast Sacred Soil, Medica II and / or Succor depending on classes. If you can’t make it to the tank, just get to the edge to minimize the damage you take.

With that, we’ll end Phase 1 and continue on to Phase 2 in the second article. Until next time, Final Fantasy XIV account holders!

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