[Primal Boss Guide] Taking on Ifrit in FFXIV


Primals are powerful entities that roam the world of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Fans of the series will recognize most of them as ‘summons’ in the older games. FFXIV account holders face Primals in difficult Trials or dangerous FATEs, and defeating them will reward you with powerful weapons, unique armor, special mounts, and story / quest progression. Here is the Ifrit Guide.


The Lord of the Inferno for FFXIV Account Holders

Ifrit is one of the iconic summons in Final Fantasy. Incidentally, he is also the first Primal battle on your Final Fantasy XIV account and will come as part of the main story. Despite the intimidating fiery arena and the colossal size of Ifrit, it actually isn’t all that difficult of a boss encounter, as long as you have the appropriate gear and tactics. Just be prepared to move around and switch targets whenever required. The tank of the party should begin the encounter by pulling Ifrit towards one of the arena’s walls, placing their back against the fire and facing Ifrit away from the rest of the party. This ensures that Vulcan Burst doesn’t knock the tank back, and that Ifrit’s frontal breath attack Incinerate doesn’t hit anyone other than the tank. Also, make sure your gear is fully repaired as you may be wiped several times on your first attempt.

Phase 1: Ifrit for FFXIV Account Holders

Every so often, Ifrit will use Eruption, which will cause cracks to appear in the ground underneath a random player’s feet. Just move quickly out of the way to avoid the explosion that is coming a few seconds later. The party should spread out to avoid multiple people being caught in one Eruption. Stack up on items on your Final Fantasy 14 account as needed. At 50% health, Ifrit will spawn Infernal Fetters in the middle of the arena. DPS members should leave the boss, pop any cooldowns they have to improve their damage output (Raging Strikes for Archers, etc), and defeat the Infernal Fetters as quickly as possible.

After a while, Ifrit will cast Hellfire. This will kill everyone if the Infernal Fetters were not defeated. Otherwise, it will do around 300 damage to everyone, so healers should quickly restore everyone to more than half their health, and the party should prepare for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Ifrit for FFXIV Account Holders

Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1 with the addition of one extra ability, Radiant Plume. Ifrit will create a pattern of fiery ground effects on the floor which will explode after a few seconds, dealing a reasonable amount of damage. The pattern will alternate between a ring around the outer edge of the area and an irregular blot in the middle of the area, so it is easy to predict where it will be coming next. Alternate moving in and out as the Radiant Plumes happen, while dealing consistent damage to Ifrit. Defeating Ifrit will reward FFXIV account holders a number of decent items, as well as Gil.

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