On the State of Hardcore PvE Raiding

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Raiding During the Player Drought

I was just browsing around reddit, minding my own business and just looking for something to write about, and then, suddenly, I find this little post on end game raiding.

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“Getting 8 people together to do scheduled content is difficult. And when you have content that requires several weeks of practice to clear and people slam their heads against walls for it, it leads to burn out. Couple this with the fact I believe we’re just so far into the game’s life cycle now that there might be a diminishing pool of veteran raiders willing to run on a schedule every week…”

Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t exactly have the numbers lke World of Warcraft, nor does it have the conveniences of the latter as well. While it’s definitely become easier to do end game content in FFXIV, it’s still far from the shining gem of convenience most other MMOs have. At some point, you’ll think that your account has become all but useless.

Considering the difficulty of raiding in FFXIV, it becomes even more painful for folks with no static groups or free companies to back them up at end game. Scheduling conflicts, class issues, internet latency, and a whole slew of issues can most definitely put a dent into a player’s raiding plans. God knows I’ve been through the same things in FFXIV and saw many FFXIV accounts of my friends unsub one after another for varied reasons.

Get Your Friends their Own Accounts for Raids!

It’s always hard to find a decent group or, rather, ANY group at all in raid-centric MMOs if you start out or end up a solo player. It becomes even more of a pain to see other players with absolutely dedicated groups even selling runs for as if they were nothing, earning a lot of currency with it. These folks won’t have any room to accommodate another raider because they don’t need it, and other “hardcore” raiders are so anal about gear requirements that they may be unconscionable at times.

It’s hard, difficult, and frustrating – but that’s how them bones roll. The OP of the reddit thread put out an idea of having smaller scale raids in order to help folks like him. While I agree on the sentiment, that there SHOULD be content like this in MMOs, it’s definitely not coming to FFXIV. If that’s what he wishes, they he should either transfer to a more populated server, get more of his IRL friends to play and buy their own FFXIV accounts, or roll on another game entirely. It’s harsh, but it’s a reality in raid-centric games like FFXIV.

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