FFXIV Discussion

The Annoying Little Things in FFXIV

Even if you love a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game so much, there will still be things that annoy you in that game. There is no such perfect game (or perfect people playing the game) that you can absolutely say that there is nothing that ticks you off while playing it. Let us take FFXIV as an example. FFXIV is really awesome. Great graphics, meticulous combat, and awesome PvE instances say a lot about how fantastic the game can be. Still, there are bad things that we don’t like in the game right? I wonder what people don’t like about…

FFXIV Discussion

A Community Like No Other

An MMORPG’s community is as important as any aspect of the game in terms of making a player stay playing. If an MMORPG like Final Fantasy XIV has an awful community as if it is compared to a game having a bad gameplay, more likely players will quit. For me, it is a legitimate reason to completely forget my own account and stop playing entirely. The FFXIV Community in a Nutshell Here we have a great example of why community attitude is important and thus what keeps him from playing the game. This is a post by JackalOsiris in Reddit: I…

FFXIV Discussion

A Community Comparison: FFXIV, WoW, and BnS!

As World of Warcraft still being the champion of MMORPG, how are the other online games fairing against the powerhouse? Well, this time we will be asking in terms of community rating. It is, in my opinion, that community rating of an MMORPG is being underestimated nowadays in terms of grading an MMORPG in general. Admit it or not, we focus more on graphics, gameplay, story or content and the payment model of online games in assessing what to play or recommend. I think it is about time we really consider the community rating of MMORPG’s. The toxicity level in…