FFXIV Discussion

FFXIV Vs. The World – How Does FFXIV Stack Up Against Other MMOs?

As good of a game FFXIV is, it can’t be helped to compare MMORPGs against each other. After all, they are fighting for position in the same market. They are competing for market share and bragging comes with that. World of Warcraft has been in the top of the MMORPG race for quite a while now in terms of sales and there is no expected change of reign anytime soon. But what are some of the factors that players or reviewers of MMORPGs consider when they rank the top online games today? For sure sales is one but aside from…

FFXIV Discussion

A Community Comparison: FFXIV, WoW, and BnS!

As World of Warcraft still being the champion of MMORPG, how are the other online games fairing against the powerhouse? Well, this time we will be asking in terms of community rating. It is, in my opinion, that community rating of an MMORPG is being underestimated nowadays in terms of grading an MMORPG in general. Admit it or not, we focus more on graphics, gameplay, story or content and the payment model of online games in assessing what to play or recommend. I think it is about time we really consider the community rating of MMORPG’s. The toxicity level in…