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End Game

A Whole New World: Reactive Area and Living World

No MMORPG is perfect, that for sure I can say. There will always be suggestions on how to improve the game even if those opinions are quite not needed. I get that even the littlest part of the game could be done better because I, too, have those sentiments sometimes. We can’t take away anything from the game companies and developers. They do their best to make their MMORPG as great as possible. No amount of gil can quantify the level of quality the games these developers release. Suggestion: Reactive Areas I know we should give developers and game companies…

End Game

More Guides! This Time, Heavensward!

Let us continue to see what are the things a newcomer to Final Fantasy XIV should do so that they can immediately progress to the end game. Last time we talked about some quests should be done if you want to access some of the other quests. Now we move on to Heavensward. More activities to on the rise! Heavensward The following is the Heavensward section of the newcomer guide in FFXIV from Reddit: Heavensward Finishing Before the Dawn unlocks all of the 3.0 Job quests, starting at level 50 and continuing every 2 levels. The very first 3.0 MSQ unlocks most of…

FFXIV Guides

Getting Ready for Heavensward

Are you an old, returning player? Or a new one that is interested in starting Final Fantasy XIV? Pull your pants up, tighten your belts, and make your gil ready for this ultimate guide for new and returning players to Heavensward. Heavensward Terminologies Heavensward is the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion. So before you access that latest part of the game, you have to deal with most of the original content first and we will discuss it here. (source: Reddit) There are several common words, abbreviations and expressions used throughout the game that will also be used in this guide….

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