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Veteran FFXIV Account Holder’s Guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final part of our guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid for veteran Final Fantasy XIV account holders. In today’s guide we will go over how you and your party can defeat the fourth and final boss of the raid, Xande. Yellow orbs on your FFXIV Account One of the mechanics of the fight FFXIV account holders need to watch out for is Aetherochemical Explosion. This skill will cause the boss to summon Golden Orbs throughout the room. After 10 to 15 seconds, they will detonate and deal raid wide damage. While it will not wipe…

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Veteran FFXIV Gil Hunter’s Guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid Part 3

Welcome back to our guide to the Syrcus Tower raid for those who want cheap FFXIV Gil. In the third part of our guide, we will show you how to deal with the third boss of the raid – Amon. As always, be sure to buy FFXIV Gil so you can have money for supplies as well as repairs. Adds, orbs and FFXIV Gil hunters During the raid, Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters will face a lot of different adds. The first of these you will encounter are slime like adds. These will slowly make their way to Amon. This…

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FFXIV Account Holders Guide to the Syrcus Tower Raid

Introduced to the game in Patch 2.3, the Syrcus Tower is the second raid in the Crystal Tower series of raids. New and old FFXIV account holders can do this raid to collect Allagan Tomestones, Gil as well as gear for their characters. Today we will look at how to get into the raid and its first boss. How FFXIV Account holders can get in Final Fantasy 14 account holders who want to get into this raid will first need to get the For Prosperity quest. This is given out to Disciples of War or Magic at level 50 and…