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The Guaranteed Method to Farming Gil

Since I’m currently still a noob struggling to familiarize himself on Final Fantasy 14, I decided I ought to do some digging on the internet for guides that can help me through the game, and what better way to do that than to start it off by looking up the quickest way to gain gil – the pro way. I went to Youtube, where veterans post tutorials, guides, and “hacks”, and found out this insane way of making 750k gil – daily and guaranteed.   Gathering Mats and Crafting Quests! It turns out you just need to rely on the daily…

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Using the Auction House to Profit FFXIV Gil

The Auction House provides a way for players to offer goods for sale to other players and is a key part of the game economy. Purchases on the Auction House must be paid for in Gil. The Auction House collects a small fee (10%) from the seller for each successful sale. It is a simple way to earn FFXIV Gil for non-grinding players is to have the guts to gable their remaining money. There is a 50:50 chance to earn bigger or lose everything. Read more about this gold earning tip and we’ll see if it is effective.   Enlisting Everything…