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Revisiting Haukke Manor for More FFXIV Gil and Items – Part 2

In an earlier guide we covered how to get to and kill the first boss of the Haukke Manor (Hard) dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In this guide, FFXIV account holders can learn how to handle the remaining two bosses. We’ll also discuss the FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil available from this dungeon. FFXIV Gil from Ash The second boss of the dungeon is Ash. Final Fantasy XIV account holders need to pay attention to the blue telegraphs that appear during the fight. This is to avoid the damaging attacks the boss does. Final Fantasy XIV Gil…

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Revisiting Haukke Manor for More FFXIV Gil and Items

A second team has been sent to investigate Haukke Manor in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and its dark inhabitants. As expected, FFXIV account holders are there to help check what dire bagrains the lady of House Dartancours has made with the voidsent. Will Final Fantasy XIV account holders triumph over this Hard mode dungeon? Gaining entry for your FFXIV Gil hunter Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters can only enter the Haukke Manor (Hard) dungeon if they have started the Maniac Manor quest. This quest can be obtained from Laurine in Mor Dhona (x22, y8). FFXIV Gil hunters however…

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Taking Your FFXIV Gil Hunter to the Haunted Haukke Manor

Final Fantasy XIV:  A Realm Reborn players can find FFXIV items and Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the Haukke Manor dungeon. This haunted are was once a place of meditation for seedseers until Lady Amandine bought it. Now it hides a dark secret along with the scarred mistress that seeks refuge within. Getting your FFXIV Gil ready for the manor Haukke Manor is open to characters on an FFXIV account that is between level 28 and 31. Characters must first need to unlock it in the main story as well as complete the Skeletons In Her Closet quest. Final Fantasy…