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The FFXIV Class / Job 3.0 System Pt. 2

This is just a continuation of the jobs guide from the last write-up. It would best if you read this one as well as it is part of the general knowledge in Final Fantasy XIV. Having a new FFXIV Account, this would be really helpful for new players and maybe for not so new players that might not know this. Job / Class Continued~ This is the last part of the Reddit post about the newcomers’ guide to Final Fantasy XIV: [1] To become a Rogue, one must first start as any other class and, after doing their initial class’…

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The FFXIV Class / Job 3.0 System

One thing I love FFXIV is that you can get all classes with one character. It is hard enough to think of a name for every character when you create if you want another character of another job, what more leveling and gearing them right? FFXIV let’s you get the chance to use all classes with one character. Just an amazing system overall. Job and Class combination reference This is from the guide from Reddit. Such nice guys to post this for newcomers: All players can play as any Job / Class as they want to, by merely switching which…

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The Best DPS and the DPS Gap

It is pretty hard to balance an MMORPG with a lot of classes in it. I am no game developer but I can imagine all the balancing they have to do in other to level the difficulty in the raids and dungeons and also to suffice the rants of the players all over the world with their present class. If they buff one class, the other classes will look weaker thus being demanded to buff the “weaker” classes. So on and so forth. DPS classes are especially affected by this. Job DPS Discrepancies There are discrepancies in every class in…