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FFXIV Guides

[10 – 16] Archer Leveling Guide for Beginner in FFXIV

Leveling your archer and don’t know where to start? Well, you came the right place! Archers are a great class to solo with in Final Fantasy XIV. This archer leveling guide will help you clear through Levels 10 to 16. Read on for more information below, FFXIV Gil hunters! Doing Guildhests for Level 10 to 16 FFXIV Gil Hunters Once you’ve landed to Level 10, you’ll need to be completing Guildhests. In case you haven’t unlocked them yet, head to a nearby town (which is likely to be Bentbranch Meadows) and unlock it. Guildhests give great EXP bonuses for first time…

FFXIV Guides

[Early Game] Archer Leveling Guide for Beginner in FFXIV

Leveling your archer and don’t know where to start? Well, you came the right place! Archers are a great class to solo with in Final Fantasy XIV. This archer leveling guide will help you clear through the early game. Read on for more information below, FFXIV account holders! Starting Off with an Archer on your FFXIV Account Now that you have started your adventure with an archer, begin by sniping your hunting log. A level one character doing hunting logs and participating in level appropriate FATES is the best and easiest method for earning EXP on early levels. As an archer, you’ll…

FFXIV Guides

FATE Battles Overview for Newbie in Final Fantasy XIV P2

FATE (Full Active Time Event) battles are encounters on the map that happen every so often as you venture throughout Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. These events allow players to get extra experience, more than just cheap FFXIV Gil, and other bonuses by helping out. Most FATEs will require players to do battle with large mobs of enemies, or fight one extremely powerful boss. Rewards vary depending on level, with some big FATEs even going so far as to reward unique, event-exclusive items! Types of FATEs for FFXIV Gil Hunters Monster FATES require the players to defeat mobs of monsters….

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