End Game

On the State of Hardcore PvE Raiding

Raiding During the Player Drought I was just browsing around reddit, minding my own business and just looking for something to write about, and then, suddenly, I find this little post on end game raiding. “Getting 8 people together to do scheduled content is difficult. And when you have content that requires several weeks of practice to clear and people slam their heads against walls for it, it leads to burn out. Couple this with the fact I believe we’re just so far into the game’s life cycle now that there might be a diminishing pool of veteran raiders willing…

FFXIV Discussion

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons Too Long?

Every MMORPG has dungeons or a counterpart of it. You fight through mobs or “trash” before reaching a boss fight. A dungeon usually has 3 or more bosses to fight and get gears from, usually the last boss gives the best loot and the most Final Fantasy XIV Gil. A team of 4 (or maybe 5) is needed comprising of a tank, a healer and dps. This goes the same for Final Fantasy XIV. You and your friends enter certain dungeons for certain loots to gear up and be ready for those late game raids. Normally a dungeon in Final…