The Annoying Little Things in FFXIV

Aurum Vale

Even if you love a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game so much, there will still be things that annoy you in that game. There is no such perfect game (or perfect people playing the game) that you can absolutely say that there is nothing that ticks you off while playing it. Let us take FFXIV as an example. FFXIV is really awesome. Great graphics, meticulous combat, and awesome PvE instances say a lot about how fantastic the game can be. Still, there are bad things that we don’t like in the game right? I wonder what people don’t like about Final Fantasy XIV. Let us find out.

Not To Like

Someone named mariumii in the FFXIV Sub Reddit asked “What are the small things that still annoy you about the game?” Mariumii admitted that houses not being in the middle of the plot annoys him. He said that it is “literally unplayable.” I don’t know what he meant by that but that’s what annoys him the most.

Let us see what other people said in reply to mariumii’s post

“I don’t like the light party restriction on the company workshop”

“The people” – well this is not surprising in an MMORPG. LOL

“Having to manually select Yes, I do want to actually enter my FC house”

“Estimated Time on queues. Still lying”

“Can’t automatically skip beast tribes minivideos”

“Having to exit the retainer window and re-click that summoning bell (and that stupid camera center effect) each time to switch between retainers…”

“cannot whisper while in a party. Even to a person I’m in a party with!”

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Hey, there are a lot of things that irk off people, but it won’t stop us from playing the game we love. Still, these things may not turn us off, but it’s not going to stop us from complaining further.


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