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I have come to realize that in playing any game, you have to choose the best among the choices of character / class. Picking the “what suits you” class or “what is fun to play” in your FFXIV Account is not applicable anymore. Emphasis on this even more if there is progression involve. Picking the best class in an MMORPG which involves progression will surely lessen the hassle and headache. So in Final Fantasy XIV, in leveling or creating a character to be a tank late game, which should you choose? Paladin, Warrior or Dark Knight? Let us analyze.

The Originally Low Tier Tank: Warrior

Warrior is a nice class to play in my opinion. Why? For me, Warrior falls under the “fun to play” category but not really a top tier. I find myself looking for more defensive cooldowns to use in boss fights than I should be for a tank. Warrior is in the middle of a tank and a dps class. Yes Warriors are tough, but not tough enough. I feel so helpless when I have mediocre healers then there is a big damage coming that I need to soak as a tank. Damage is good but that’s not really something you need as a tank. More mitigation and more defensive options and I find Warrior lacking on those.

The New Tank on the Block: Dark Knight

Dark Knight comes a little short in terms of mitigation comparing to Paladin. Even though with that said, Dark Knight has more mitigation that Warrior and that should really be put into consideration.

The Original Mythril Standard Tank: Paladin

Now, this is the tank. Paladin has the best mitigation out of all the tanks in Final Fantasy XIV. Paladin is the epitome of tanking when it comes to FFXIV. Tough, has many defensive cooldowns and options, it is the best suitable main tank of your raid team. Many healers’ opinion that Paladin is the easiest to heal because of its durability accompanied by its defensive options. Having a shield also is a big help in adding defense stats for tanking unlike Warrior that uses two hand axe.

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For me, I will be opting to go Paladin if ever I will be main tanking in late game progression but on dungeons and other mid game fights, I will pick either Warrior or Dark Knight because they are fun to use. Which will you choose? Agree on my points? Share your thoughts with us!

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