The FFXIV Class / Job 3.0 System

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One thing I love FFXIV is that you can get all classes with one character. It is hard enough to think of a name for every character when you create if you want another character of another job, what more leveling and gearing them right? FFXIV let’s you get the chance to use all classes with one character. Just an amazing system overall.

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Job and Class combination reference

This is from the guide from Reddit. Such nice guys to post this for newcomers:

All players can play as any Job / Class as they want to, by merely switching which weapon and soulstone they have equipped. Each class levels up from level 1. However, the player is restricted to their initial class until completing their class’ level 10 quest.

All Job quests require having completed the Sylph-management level 20 MSQ.

For all 2.0 jobs, the Main Class is the class that takes the Job Quests and is able to equip the Job Soulstone to become the Job. All Job Quests are only available after finishing the Main Class’ level 30 quest.

The Secondary Class is another class that must be at level 15 before you are able to accept the Job Quest as your Main Class.

The Extra Class is a third class whose skills can be drawn from through the cross-class skill system. A few are very important, such as Gladiator’s level 22 Provoke for tanks, or Thaumaturge’s level 26 Swiftcast for all mages and healers. The new 3.0 Jobs have no Main or Secondary class (think of them as being Main Classes themselves), and thus have two Extra Classes.

Meelee DPS

Job Main Class Secondary Class Extra Class
Dragoon Lancer Marauder Pugilist
Monk Pugilist Lancer Marauder
Ninja Rogue[1] Pugilist Lancer

Ranged DPS

Job Main Class Secondary Class Extra Class
Bard Archer Pugilist Lancer
Machinist[2] Lancer and Archer

Magic DPS

Job Main Class Secondary Class Extra Class
Black Mage Thaumaturge Archer Arcanist
Summoner[3] Arcanist Thaumaturge Archer


Job Main Class Secondary Class Extra Class
Paladin Gladiator Conjurer Marauder
Warrior Marauder Gladiator Pugilist
Dark Knight[2] Gladiator and Marauder


Job Main Class Secondary Class Extra Class
Scholar[3] Arcanist Conjurer Thaumaturge
White Mage Conjurer Arcanist Thaumaturge
Astrologian[2] Thaumaturge and Conjurer


This is so great for all sorts of things in-game like let’s say you want to monster farm some gil, you cannot really farm efficiently as a healer, right? You are free to change to a dps class while farming. So great!

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