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As I have shared my experiences in Ifrit and Titan fights, I would like to also share my experience in fighting Garuda in my FFXIV Account.

Out of all the Primals that I have fought, The Howling Eye is my favorite. Firstly, the background music is amazing. The best background music or fight music in the game unless there is a new one I haven’t heard but yeah, the Garuda fight background music automatically listed in my daily music playlist.

Garuda is the most sinister among the three Primals for me as well. She is like the evilest Primal because of her sinister smile and freaky laugh. Not to mention she is flying. I don’t know, I think Garuda flying makes her a lot scarier compared to Titan and Ifrit.

Howling Eye Hard Mode

I will share with you first my “The Howling Eye” hard mode experience first. There is a big difference between the Hard mode and the Extreme that’s why I will separate my experience on both. In the hard mode, this was where I appreciated my tank friends because this was the first time they shone.

Really, if your tank in Hard Howling eye is a little bit slow or don’t know the fight, prepare to leave that party. But as a healer on those fight, I loved how it gave the tanks to really prove their role. And of course with me healing them, made me feel I was very useful as well (which is given because I’m a healer).


Howling Eye Hard: Phases

Intensity came right out of the bat since the first phase of the Garuda fight involved a mechanic at once. You had to hide from where Garuda was (line of sight) so you won’t be damaged. You had to pay attention where she appeared and which stone pillar was still up. After which, the plumes that the DPS had to kill were so little that if I were a DPS there, I would have missed one or two of them.

After Garuda destroys all the stone pillars, tanks needed to navigate Garuda and her adds to the right position so that the party don’t take lots of damage. But still, the fight was healing intensive as well and good heavens we finished it. It was rough since all members had like little health left but we were still standing. That first try took a lot from us that we had to take an hour break from the game. LOL.

How was your first The Howling Eye experience? Pretty much like mine? Share it here!


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