The Hyurs and The Elezen – FFXIV Race Discussion

Patch 2.4 PvP

Starting a new character can be tough. Especially for a game like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that offers a lot of options to choose from. Should the first character on my FFXIV account be a tank? How about a damage dealer so I can farm FFXIV Gil quickly? If these are your questions this guide is for you.


Strength and balance –  Hyurs

Even though the game does not restrict players to any one class, it pays to know what each race offers. If you really want to try out all the class, then Midlander Hyurs are the best option. This is due to stats being average all around. Their Highlander counterparts though are more geared for melee classes. While their gear can cost you a bit of FFXIV Gil, you can be sure you have the highest strength around.

The Elezen – Sharp eyes and minds

If bows are your thing, then you might want to check out Wildwood Elezens. They have the highest Dexterity of the five races. Their Duskwight kin on the other hand specialize in Intelligence. Expect most of them to be in a mage class. Both races can be good for damage dealing class that can help you earn FFXIV Gil. Beware however their low Vitality scores. This can spell a lot of recovery FFXIV items needed to keep them alive.

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