The Hyurs and The Elezen – Race Discussion

The Hyurs and The Elezen

So you finally gave in to your friends’ invites and bought Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You signed up for a FFXIV account, but now you’re stuck not sure which race to pick. Which one is easy to play, which one would cost a lot FFXIV Gil to maintain, and other factors. Well, here’s a guide on The Hyurs and The Elezen to help you make that decision.

The Hyurs and The Elezen


The Hyurs – Jack of all trades, master of FFXIV Gil

If you prefer races that look close to humans then the Hyurs are for you. Like all races in the game, they come in two clans: Midlanders and Highlanders. Midlanders are your typical all-around race. They have no strengths or weakness; ideal if you’re just starting. Highlanders on the other hand have better strength and vitality. If you have the FFXIV Gil to gear up a tank, then you’ll want to check these guys/gals out.

The Elezen – Snipers and schemers of FFXIV Gil

These tall and slender beings are the equivalent of elves in other races. As such, members of their Wildwood branch have a penchant for bows due to their high Dexterity. The other half, the Duskwights, focus on Intelligence and Mind stats. Both races are physically weak so expect to use up FFXIV items to keep them alive in the battlefield. To save FFXIV Gil, you might want to get them into a profession too.

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