The Toxic Community: There is No Escape

Stone Vigil

Toxicity in MMORPG’s is becoming so prevalent that nobody is safe from it. Yeah, even in Final Fantasy XIV, the only game I played that I have thought that has the friendliest community, has been penetrated by toxic players. They log in to the game, search for every opportunity to be toxic and relish the moment when they actually succeeds in spreading the virus of being an ass. Come on, we play the game to have fun. I would understand if it’s in the spirit of competitiveness. But no, they just like being douchebag in the internet. I don’t know, their FFXIV accounts of theirs should just be banned, in my honest opinion

FFXIV Account: Instance of Toxicity

There was this one player who posted in Reddit his experience encountering a toxic player in Final Fantasy XIV:

Today I had my first real experience of what I would consider impactful toxicity in the game. My partner and I were in a situation many can relate to I’m sure – The vote abandon stages of Ozma in Weeping City.

My partner made a few slip ups, and players were awful quick to hound them, making sure to reinforce the idea that they’re bad and they should feel bad about it. This ended up in a kick, and my partner in tears.

I’ve always considered the best approach to toxicity is either a blacklist, or just not responding and feeding it, but I did not anticipate how much time people would spend typing words of hatred and anger, than fewer words of assistance.

What are some stories of toxicity you’ve experienced in your journeys?

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Come on, of course you would commit mistakes in the lifespan of your FF14 Account, right? One way or another you did will even if you’re the best player in MMORPG history. So what is up with the right? Do you have any moments with a toxic player in FFXIV as well? Share it with us in the comments section.

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