Titan Extreme – Landslides Everywhere!

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Last time I shared you my experience in the Primal Fight against Titan in Hard Mode. Now I would like to share to you guys my Titan Extreme experience. Brace up because you will enjoy this ride!

Titan Extreme Experience

So like I said, you should brace up on my Titan Extreme experience because I didn’t finish the dude! Yes, up until now I haven’t finish the extreme mode of Titan because it was so hard! The bombardment of mechanics plus one party member dies, basically you’re all dead. So there’s a zero to minimal window for mistakes and that’s sometimes impossible moreover if you’re just joining a random pugged group. Again, I main healer so that I can control the fate of stupid people who love to soak in AoE but sometimes those AoE damage just one shot the stupidity out of them. No mercy. Yes, how can a healer playing in such lag (poor internet gaming ranting) can avoid AoE’s while a DPS with flawless connection to the game cannot? Right?! Unbelievable. That’s why I think they are pretty low on brain juices thus yes, I am frustrated that I didn’t finish Titan Extreme because of this big of a hurdle of pugging groups.


Titan Extreme Mechanics!

In Titan Hard Mode, healers didn’t have to do any mechanics. Just simply avoiding area damage and heal people. Yeah pretty simple but hard at the same time. When I got to Titan Extreme, healers did get a mechanic to move to a certain area of the platform and stay there at a certain position where everyone was out of range. I was like “what am I supposed to do hear? I don’t like being useless here.” Not to mention you still had to avoid AoE and a little step further from that position will be a wipe. This was as far as I can remember cause it was like a year or two ago. This dated back when Titan Extreme was knew. So yeah, the struggle was real and I didn’t get to finish that Primal fight. I had to take a break from the game. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the fight because I did enjoy it. It’s just frustrating I didn’t finish it and I was helpless because it was a team effort. Hopefully I can finish it now that I am dwelling on returning to the game. Wish me luck everyone!

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