Turning Lead Into Gold – Getting Your FFXIV Gil As An Alchemist

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So you’ve decided to try leveling as a Disciple of the Hand in Final Fantasy XIV. The problem is which of the 8 professions to pick. Sure you can go back and level them all slowly, but you’d rather focus on one and get some FFXIV Gil from high end FFXIV items. Let me introduce you to the Alchemist then…



Can I transmute items into FFXIV Gil with my class?

While the game does not restrict any character on a FFXIV account to one class, some classes are more suited for Alchemy. Conjurers and Arcanists would benefit the most from Alchemy. Other classes however get help in the form of consumables and crafting components this profession produces. Actually, most of the FFXIV gil you’ll be making would be from the sale of these items.

Leveling while saving FFXIV Gil

Like with any profession, you need to invest some gil to get your character up in levels. To save on costs, focus on repeatable leves. Additionally, always aim to turn in all HQ items to get 200% bonus experience. In fact, you can save more FFXIV gil and time by buying HQ items off the Market Boards, instead of making them yourself.

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