Update – Housing and Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV

Housing and Retainers

Your characters’ lives in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn doesn’t revolve solely around fighting. Even they need downtine from fighting and collecting FFXIV items and FFXIV Gil. As such, patch 2.2’s additions to the Housing system will surely be a welcome distraction. There are also Retainers to help tend to your house and chores.


Gardens – Housing and Retainers

Characters on a FFXIV account that own an estate can now set up their own gardens. To set one up, simply purchase a Garden Patch using FFXIV Gil from Housing Merchants. Depending on the estate size, players can place one, two or three patches. After that it’s just a matter of getting soils, seeds and the patience to cultivate your garden.

More room inside FFXIV Gil collector’s small houses

Small houses are getting a basement level in Patch 2.2 to accommodate their new furnishing maximum that has been upgraded to 100. Players can also now place Summoning Bells inside their estate. The bells will allow players to call their Retainer to check on their sales and FFXIV Gil funds.

Housing and Retainers

Square Enix is letting players buy extra Retainers to help them sell their FFXIV items for FFXIV Gil while grinding levels. The optional service for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will go for $2.00 per 30 days for each extra Retainer.

Hiring more Retainers to earn you FFXIV Gil

By default, players get two in-game Retainers for free for each character on their FFXIV account. With the new service however, they will be able to buy an additional two Retainers to bring their total to four. The extra Retainers will function like the default ones and can trade using FFXIV Gil.

Earning FFXIV Gil while away

For those curious, Retainers are NPCs players can employ in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. These function like the bank and auction system in other games. Retainers can store, or sell items on the Market as well as hold your FFXIV Gil.

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