White Mage Spells Guide in FFXIV P2

White Mage Spells

Hey, FFXIV account holders! If you’ve taken interest in the White Mage class but still aren’t sold on the idea of becoming the party’s healer – then perhaps this overview of White Mage spells might convince you. This section will separate every spell that a White Mage gets, and consign their effectiveness based on group utility. While each spell has its use, this ought to offer you some assistance with deciding how and when to use a skill. To start, we’ll concentrate just on the healing arsenal of this class, then move to buffs, then discuss DPS skills. A short time later, we will touch on the options for cross-class abilities, and choose which are best for White Mages in a party.

WM Spells for FFXIV Account Holders: Esuna

Utility: 5 / 5

Esuna is a fast-casting cleanse spell used to remove negative effects from Final Fantasy 14 account holders. Many instances  require this ability due to the use of skills such as Disease, which reduces healing considerably by 50%.  Esuna should never be absent from your hot bar!

WM Spells for FFXIV Account Holders: Medica

Utility: 3 / 5

It’s the first AoE heal a Conjurer Final Fantasy XIV account holder receives, hence it costs less than three times what Cure costs, but will heal the whole party for nearly the same potency.  At times when three or more party members need a heal, it can be worth it to use Medica instead.  Beware, this ability generates a massive amount of threat, and should be used carefully.

ffxiv account wm 2

WM Spells for FFXIV Account Holders: Regen

Utility: 5 / 5

Learned by White Mage at Level 35, Regen will be the first HoT you receive on your FFXIV account.  In itself, Regen will rarely be enough to save the target, but it is intended to help get you through until a Cure spell can be used.  Regen, however, will stay on a target for some time, and can cause threat to immediately move to the healer if the tank pulls a target while affected by the spell.

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