White Mage Spells Guide in FFXIV P3

White Mage Spells Guide

Part 3 is up, FFXIV account holders! If you’ve taken interest in the White Mage class but still aren’t sold on the idea of becoming the party’s healer – then perhaps this overview of White Mage spells might convince you. This section will separate every spell that a White Mage gets, and consign their effectiveness based on group utility. While each spell has its use, this ought to offer you some assistance with deciding how and when to use a skill. To start, we’ll concentrate just on the healing arsenal of this class, then move to buffs, then discuss DPS skills. A short time later, we will touch on the options for cross-class abilities, and choose which are best for White Mages in a party.

White Mage Spells Guide

WM Spells for FFXIV Account Holders: Medica II

Utility: 3 / 5

Medica II is learned at Level 50. Basically, it’s a boost to Medica which offers similar potency with a higher MP cost; however, it adds a regen effect to all Final Fantasy XIV account holders in the team.  Combined with Regen, Medica II can provide a lot of extra burst healing that can spare you and your party from a wipe, though it is worth noting that casting this spell costs extra threat due its significantly long cast time. Use sparingly! Additionally, Medica II is not MP-effective to spam.

WM Spells for FFXIV Account Holders: Benediction

Utility: 2 / 5 or 5 / 5

Benediction is free, and it recovers 100% of the target’s health. It is also cast instantly, at the cost of having a 300 second cast time.  Benediction is mostly used to save a tank – or another healer – from death at the last second. Despite this, Benediction should never actually be required, since utilizing proper healing will avoid most emergency situations, but it should still be kept ready. Just in case.

WM Spells for FFXIV Account Holders: Raise

Utility: 5 / 5

Raise is just as it’s named. It’s a resurrection spell, so of course, it will always be useful. A party member’s death (or two) is almost inevitable. It can be used in battle after reaching Level 28 on your Final Fantasy 14 account, and will continually be one of the most important skills you have. As such, its utility is a guaranteed 5 / 5. Do not miss out on this critical skill.

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